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"That which is Above is as that which is Below for performing
The Miracle of The One Thing."

~ Hermes Trismegistus



Depth Psychotherapy and Soultender Coaching works from a depth perspective which means that we turn an ear to the voice of the Soul.


Depth Psychology, Soultender Therapy Services, Los Angeles, CADepth Psychology works towards individuation: The achievement of genuineness and wholeness in one's life.  The root of the word "Whole" is "hele" or "to Heal", therefore a whole person is a healthy person. 


Soultender helps you listen to the messages from the unconscious which lead to this wholeness: to a sacred marriage between the conscious and unconscious. 


The fusion of this sacred marriage births "The Philosopher's Stone" which is the fully deepened Self. Personal problems and crises can be a 'Call' from the psyche which can lead to personal transformation. 


Sufferings such as depression and meaninglessness are the lead that the alchemy of therapy turns into gold. Soultender will aid your transformation, helping you explore the depth and meaning behind all of your issues, helping you find and answer 'The Call' to greater happiness, satisfaction, freedom and wholeness. 


Although I am open to all individuals, I am especially sensitive to issues related to Spiritual Diversity. 


My experience practicing several spiritual systems makes me uniquely qualified to understand personal experiences that might otherwise be pathologised. 


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Depth Psychology, Soultender Therapy Services, Los Angeles, CA

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"For two personalities to meet is like
mixing two different
chemical substances: 
if there is any combination 
at all, both are transformed."

~ C.G. Jung